Interface PreviewThumbnailView

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    public interface PreviewThumbnailView

    The representation for the Preview Thumbnail View which contains all the components needed for drawing thumbnail images according to the progress changes.

    • Method Detail

      • getThumbnailView

        ThumbnailView getThumbnailView()
        Returns the ThumbnailView where the thumbnail images will be drawn into.
      • getProgress

        int getProgress()

        Get the PreviewThumbnailView's current level of progress. Return 0 when the PreviewThumbnailView is in indeterminate mode.

      • getMax

        int getMax()
        Returns the maximum possible progress for this PreviewThumbnailView
      • getThumbOffset

        int getThumbOffset()
        Returns the offset, in pixels, of the thumb/scrubber. This value is used to draw the ThumbnailView aligned with the thumb/scrubber.
      • isShowingPreview

        boolean isShowingPreview()
        Returns true if the Preview Thumbnail is currently being shown, or false otherwise
      • isPreviewEnabled

        boolean isPreviewEnabled()
        Returns true if the Preview Thumbnail is enabled, or false otherwise.
      • showPreview

        void showPreview()
        Shows the Preview Thumbnail View
      • hidePreview

        void hidePreview()
        Hides the Preview Thumbnail View
      • setPreviewEnabled

        void setPreviewEnabled​(boolean previewEnabled)
        Enables or disables the PreviewThumbnailView
        previewEnabled - true to enable
      • attachPreviewFrameLayout

        void attachPreviewFrameLayout​(@NonNull
                                      android.widget.FrameLayout parentFrameLayout,
                                      BrightcoveControlBar brightcoveControlBar)
        Attaches the this view's ThumbnailView to the parent frame layout.
        parentFrameLayout - the parent frame layout where the ThumbnailView will be added
        brightcoveControlBar - the brightcove control bar
      • reset

        void reset()
        Resets its components to its initial state