Class BrightcovePlayerOptionsManager

  • public class BrightcovePlayerOptionsManager
    extends java.lang.Object
    Singleton class used to make manage the player options menu and its items, used for Android TV. It's also used to obtain the state of its elements.
    • Method Detail

      • getInstance

        public static BrightcovePlayerOptionsManager getInstance()
        Method that returns the singleton instance
        the BrightcovePlayerOptionsManager instance
      • initPlayerOptions

        public android.view.View initPlayerOptions​(android.view.ViewGroup root)
        Initializes the player options menu and will add it to the ViewGroup provided. If the player option was already added to the ViewGroup, the layout view will be returned,
        root - the view root where the player options menur will be added to
        the layout view containing the player options
      • isPlayerOptionsVisible

        public boolean isPlayerOptionsVisible()
        Tells you whether the player options menu is visible or not.
        true if it's visible
      • showPlayerOptions

        public void showPlayerOptions​(EventEmitter eventEmitter)
        Show the player options menu.
        eventEmitter - the event emitter
      • hidePlayerOptions

        public void hidePlayerOptions​(EventEmitter eventEmitter)
        Hide the player options menu.
        eventEmitter - the event emitter
      • isAudioTracksVisible

        public boolean isAudioTracksVisible()
        Tells you whether the audio tracks is visible or not.
        true if it's visible.
      • hideAudioTracksOptions

        public void hideAudioTracksOptions()
        Hide the audio tracks options.
      • showAudioTracksOptions

        public void showAudioTracksOptions()
        Show the audio tracks options.
      • isCaptionsVisible

        public boolean isCaptionsVisible()
        Tells you whether the captions is visible or not.
        true if it's visible.
      • hideCaptionsOptions

        public void hideCaptionsOptions()
        Hide the captions options.
      • showCaptionsOptions

        public void showCaptionsOptions()
        Show the captions options.
      • getPlayerOptionsView

        public android.view.View getPlayerOptionsView()
        Gets the player options menu view.
        the player options menu View
      • getAudioTracksTitle

        public android.widget.TextView getAudioTracksTitle()
        Gets the audio tracks title.
        the audio tracks title TextView.
      • getAudioTracksGroup

        public android.widget.RadioGroup getAudioTracksGroup()
        Gets audio tracks group.
        the audio tracks RadioGroup
      • getCaptionsTitle

        public android.widget.TextView getCaptionsTitle()
        Gets the captions title.
        the captions title TextView.
      • getCaptionsGroup

        public android.widget.RadioGroup getCaptionsGroup()
        Gets the captions group.
        the captions RadioGroup.