Class BrightcoveCaptionStyle

  • public abstract class BrightcoveCaptionStyle
    extends java.lang.Object
    A convenience class to build up and represent a Caption Style
    • Constructor Detail

      • BrightcoveCaptionStyle

        public BrightcoveCaptionStyle()
    • Method Detail

      • preset

        public abstract int preset()
      • fontSize

        public abstract java.lang.String fontSize()
      • typeface

        public abstract java.lang.String typeface()
      • foregroundColor

        public abstract int foregroundColor()
      • foregroundOpacity

        public abstract int foregroundOpacity()
      • edgeType

        public abstract int edgeType()
      • edgeColor

        public abstract int edgeColor()
      • backgroundColor

        public abstract int backgroundColor()
      • backgroundOpacity

        public abstract int backgroundOpacity()
      • windowColor

        public abstract int windowColor()
      • windowOpacity

        public abstract int windowOpacity()
      • createCaptionStyle

        public static BrightcoveCaptionStyle createCaptionStyle​(java.lang.String fontSize,
                                                                java.lang.String typeface,
                                                                int foregroundColor,
                                                                int foregroundOpacity,
                                                                int edgeType,
                                                                int edgeColor,
                                                                int backgroundColor,
                                                                int backgroundOpacity,
                                                                int windowColor,
                                                                int windowOpacity)
      • createCaptionStyleFromPreset

        public static BrightcoveCaptionStyle createCaptionStyleFromPreset​(java.lang.String fontSize,
                                                                          int preset)
      • validate

        public void validate()