Class BrightcoveMediaControlRegistryImpl

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      void clear()
      Clears out the media controls and button controllers.
      ButtonController getButtonController​(int id)
      Gets a button controller for a given Android resource identifier.
      java.util.List<ButtonController> getButtonControllers()
      Gets the list of registered button controllers.
      int getId​(android.view.View view)
      Gets the Android resource id for a given view.
      int getManagedState​(int id)
      Gets the managed state for a controller with a given button resource id.
      java.util.List<ButtonState> getStateList​(int id)
      Implements a getter for the state list associated with a given button.
      android.view.View getView​(int id)
      Implements a getter to obtain a button widget for a given button resource id.
      android.view.View getView​(java.lang.String resourceTag)
      Implements a getter to obtain a view given the tag part of a resource id, i.e.
      void register​(android.view.View view)
      Registers a View object as a media control.
      void register​(ButtonController controller)
      Implements to register a given button controller.
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