Interface ExoPlayerVideoDisplayComponent.InternalErrorListener

  • Enclosing class:

    public static interface ExoPlayerVideoDisplayComponent.InternalErrorListener
    Listeners for receiving error information.
    • Method Detail

      • onPlayerError

        void onPlayerError​(java.lang.Exception e)
        Called when an error occurs on the Player. The Player instance can still be used and Player.release() must still be called.
        e - The error.
      • onAudioTrackUnderrun

        void onAudioTrackUnderrun​( eventTime,
                                  int bufferSize,
                                  long bufferSizeMs,
                                  long elapsedSinceLastFeedMs)
        Called when an audio underrun occurred.
        eventTime - Contains details of the event.
        bufferSize - The size of the AudioSink's buffer, in bytes.
        bufferSizeMs - The size of the AudioSink's buffer, in milliseconds, if it is configured for PCM output. C.TIME_UNSET if it is configured for passthrough output, as the buffered media can have a variable bitrate so the duration may be unknown.
        elapsedSinceLastFeedMs - The time since the AudioSink was last fed data.
      • onLoadError

        void onLoadError​(int trackType,
        Called when a load error occurs.
        trackType - One of the C TRACK_TYPE_* constants.
        e - the error.
      • onDrmSessionManagerError

        void onDrmSessionManagerError​(java.lang.Exception e)
        Called when a DRM error occurs.
        e - the error.