Class BrightcoveAudioTracksController

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    public class BrightcoveAudioTracksController
    extends AbstractComponent
    A controller class for managing audio tracks dialog windows.
    • Field Detail

      • context

        protected android.content.Context context
    • Constructor Detail

      • BrightcoveAudioTracksController

        public BrightcoveAudioTracksController​(BaseVideoView videoView,
                                               android.content.Context context)
        videoView - A video view in charge of media playback.
        context - The context of the main application's activity.
    • Method Detail

      • showAudioTracksDialog

        public void showAudioTracksDialog()
        Helper that prepares the audio tracks dialog with the current state and displays the dialog over the video player.
      • selectAudioTrack

        protected void selectAudioTrack​(int trackIndex)
        Selects audio track and emits the track selected.
        trackIndex - the track index
      • initAudioTracksLayout

        protected void initAudioTracksLayout()
        Init audio tracks menu for Android TV. It initializes the Player option menu when necessary.
      • showAudioTracksMenu

        protected void showAudioTracksMenu()
        Show audio tracks menu for Android TV.
      • hideAudioTracksMenu

        protected void hideAudioTracksMenu()
        Hide audio tracks menu for Android TV.