Class LoadCaptionsTask

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    public class LoadCaptionsTask
    extends android.os.AsyncTask<,​java.lang.Void,​java.lang.Void>
    implements Component
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      static interface  LoadCaptionsTask.ResponseStreamListener
      Provides a callback interface for processing an InputStream containing the response body of an HTTP request.
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      protected java.lang.Void doInBackground​( params)  
      protected void onCancelled()  
      protected void onPostExecute​(java.lang.Void param)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • LoadCaptionsTask

        public LoadCaptionsTask​(EventEmitter emitter,
                                android.content.ContentResolver contentResolver,
                                CaptionType captionType)
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      • doInBackground

        protected java.lang.Void doInBackground​( params)
        Specified by:
        doInBackground in class android.os.AsyncTask<,​java.lang.Void,​java.lang.Void>
      • onPostExecute

        protected void onPostExecute​(java.lang.Void param)
        onPostExecute in class android.os.AsyncTask<,​java.lang.Void,​java.lang.Void>
      • onCancelled

        protected void onCancelled()
        onCancelled in class android.os.AsyncTask<,​java.lang.Void,​java.lang.Void>