Class ListDialogPreference

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    android.content.DialogInterface.OnClickListener, android.content.DialogInterface.OnDismissListener, android.preference.PreferenceManager.OnActivityDestroyListener, java.lang.Comparable<android.preference.Preference>
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    ColorPreference, EdgeTypePreference, PresetPreference

    public abstract class ListDialogPreference
    extends android.preference.DialogPreference
    Abstract dialog preference that displays a set of values and optional titles.
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      static interface  ListDialogPreference.OnValueChangedListener  
      • Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class android.preference.Preference

        android.preference.Preference.BaseSavedState, android.preference.Preference.OnPreferenceChangeListener, android.preference.Preference.OnPreferenceClickListener
    • Field Summary

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    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      ListDialogPreference​(android.content.Context context, android.util.AttributeSet attrs)  
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      protected int getIndexForValue​(int value)  
      java.lang.CharSequence getSummary()  
      protected java.lang.CharSequence getTitleAt​(int index)  
      int getValue()  
      protected int getValueAt​(int index)  
      protected abstract void onBindListItem​(android.view.View view, int index)
      Populates a list item view with data for the specified index.
      protected java.lang.Object onGetDefaultValue​(android.content.res.TypedArray a, int index)  
      protected void onPrepareDialogBuilder​( builder)  
      protected void onRestoreInstanceState​(android.os.Parcelable state)  
      protected android.os.Parcelable onSaveInstanceState()  
      protected void onSetInitialValue​(boolean restoreValue, java.lang.Object defaultValue)  
      void setListItemLayoutResource​(int layoutResId)
      Sets the layout to use for grid items.
      void setOnValueChangedListener​(ListDialogPreference.OnValueChangedListener listener)
      Sets a listened to invoke when the value of this preference changes.
      void setTitles​(java.lang.CharSequence[] titles)
      Sets the list of item titles.
      void setValue​(int value)
      Sets the current value.
      void setValues​(int[] values)
      Sets the list of item values.
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        getDialog, getDialogIcon, getDialogLayoutResource, getDialogMessage, getDialogTitle, getNegativeButtonText, getPositiveButtonText, onActivityDestroy, onBindDialogView, onClick, onClick, onCreateDialogView, onDialogClosed, onDismiss, setDialogIcon, setDialogIcon, setDialogLayoutResource, setDialogMessage, setDialogMessage, setDialogTitle, setDialogTitle, setNegativeButtonText, setNegativeButtonText, setPositiveButtonText, setPositiveButtonText, showDialog
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        callChangeListener, compareTo, findPreferenceInHierarchy, getContext, getDependency, getEditor, getExtras, getFragment, getIcon, getIntent, getKey, getLayoutResource, getOnPreferenceChangeListener, getOnPreferenceClickListener, getOrder, getParent, getPersistedBoolean, getPersistedFloat, getPersistedInt, getPersistedLong, getPersistedString, getPersistedStringSet, getPreferenceDataStore, getPreferenceManager, getSharedPreferences, getShouldDisableView, getTitle, getTitleRes, getView, getWidgetLayoutResource, hasKey, isEnabled, isIconSpaceReserved, isPersistent, isRecycleEnabled, isSelectable, isSingleLineTitle, notifyChanged, notifyDependencyChange, notifyHierarchyChanged, onAttachedToActivity, onAttachedToHierarchy, onBindView, onCreateView, onDependencyChanged, onParentChanged, onPrepareForRemoval, peekExtras, persistBoolean, persistFloat, persistInt, persistLong, persistString, persistStringSet, restoreHierarchyState, saveHierarchyState, setDefaultValue, setDependency, setEnabled, setFragment, setIcon, setIcon, setIconSpaceReserved, setIntent, setKey, setLayoutResource, setOnPreferenceChangeListener, setOnPreferenceClickListener, setOrder, setPersistent, setPreferenceDataStore, setRecycleEnabled, setSelectable, setShouldDisableView, setSingleLineTitle, setSummary, setSummary, setTitle, setTitle, setWidgetLayoutResource, shouldCommit, shouldDisableDependents, shouldPersist, toString
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ListDialogPreference

        public ListDialogPreference​(android.content.Context context,
                                    android.util.AttributeSet attrs)
    • Method Detail

      • setOnValueChangedListener

        public void setOnValueChangedListener​(ListDialogPreference.OnValueChangedListener listener)
        Sets a listened to invoke when the value of this preference changes.
        listener - the listener to invoke
      • setListItemLayoutResource

        public void setListItemLayoutResource​(int layoutResId)
        Sets the layout to use for grid items.
        layoutResId - the layout to use for displaying grid items
      • setValues

        public void setValues​(int[] values)
        Sets the list of item values. Values must be distinct.
        values - the list of item values
      • setTitles

        public void setTitles​(java.lang.CharSequence[] titles)
        Sets the list of item titles. May be null if no titles are specified, or may be shorter than the list of values to leave some titles unspecified.
        titles - the list of item titles
      • onBindListItem

        protected abstract void onBindListItem​(android.view.View view,
                                               int index)
        Populates a list item view with data for the specified index.
        view - the view to populate
        index - the index for which to populate the view
        See Also:
        setListItemLayoutResource(int), getValueAt(int), getTitleAt(int)
      • getTitleAt

        protected java.lang.CharSequence getTitleAt​(int index)
        the title at the specified index, or null if none specified
      • getValueAt

        protected int getValueAt​(int index)
        the value at the specified index
      • getSummary

        public java.lang.CharSequence getSummary()
        getSummary in class android.preference.Preference
      • onPrepareDialogBuilder

        protected void onPrepareDialogBuilder​( builder)
        onPrepareDialogBuilder in class android.preference.DialogPreference
      • getIndexForValue

        protected int getIndexForValue​(int value)
        the index of the specified value within the list of entry values, or AdapterView.INVALID_POSITION if not found
      • setValue

        public void setValue​(int value)
        Sets the current value. If the value exists within the set of entry values, updates the selection index.
        value - the value to set
      • getValue

        public int getValue()
        the current value
      • onGetDefaultValue

        protected java.lang.Object onGetDefaultValue​(android.content.res.TypedArray a,
                                                     int index)
        onGetDefaultValue in class android.preference.Preference
      • onSetInitialValue

        protected void onSetInitialValue​(boolean restoreValue,
                                         java.lang.Object defaultValue)
        onSetInitialValue in class android.preference.Preference
      • onSaveInstanceState

        protected android.os.Parcelable onSaveInstanceState()
        onSaveInstanceState in class android.preference.DialogPreference
      • onRestoreInstanceState

        protected void onRestoreInstanceState​(android.os.Parcelable state)
        onRestoreInstanceState in class android.preference.DialogPreference