Class WebVTTParser

  • public class WebVTTParser
    extends java.lang.Object
    Implementation of a parser for WebVTT style captions. This parser is not complete, and is loosely based off of the current WebVTT parser in the Google ExoPlayer project.
    See Also:
    WebVTT specification
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      static WebVTTDocument parse​( stream, java.lang.String encoding)
      The main parser for WebVTT cue files pre KitKat.
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      • WebVTTParser

        public WebVTTParser()
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        public static WebVTTDocument parse​( stream,
                                           java.lang.String encoding)
        The main parser for WebVTT cue files pre KitKat.
        stream - the input stream containing caption data
        encoding - the string encoding used, mostly UTF-8
        a populated WebVTTDocument with the caption texts.
        Throws: - Things to work on in the future: X-TIMESTAMP-MAP parsing (MPEGTS parsing for HLS syncing with PES timing data) Region and Styling parsing